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Free content, free content or free information means any type of functional work, artwork or other creative content that meets the definition of free cultural work.

According to the definition of free cultural works, free cultural works (free content) have no significant legal restrictions on people's freedom:

Free content includes all works in the public domain, as well as copyrighted works licensed to respect and uphold the above freedoms. Because by default, the Berne Convention in most countries grants copyright owners monopoly control over their works, it is usually necessary to explicitly declare that the copyright content is free by quoting or including the license statement in the works.

Although there are many different definitions in daily use, free content is very similar to open content in law, even if it is not like identical twins. Similarly, competition terms free software and open source are used to describe ideological differences rather than legal differences. For example, the open definition of the open knowledge foundation describes "open" as a synonym for the definition of freedom in "the definition of free cultural works" (as well as in the definition of open source code and free software). For such free / open content, both campaigns recommend the same three knowledge sharing licenses, namely CC by, CC by-sa and cc0.

Projects that offer free content exist in many areas of interest, such as software, academic literature, general literature, music, images, videos, and engineering. Technology has reduced publishing costs and barriers to entry, allowing individuals or groups to produce widely disseminated materials. Because of the ease of distribution of materials related to the development of computer technology, projects that provide free literature and multimedia content are becoming more and more important. Before these technological developments, the cost of such communication may be too high.