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Police tape

Police tape is a brightly colored tape (usually consisting of two tone patterns with alternating yellow black or red white stripes, or the words "caution" or "danger" in striking words) used to warn or draw the attention of passers-by of areas or situations containing potential danger. It is a small barrier to prevent accidental access to the area or situation, thereby improving overall safety. The isolation belt is also known as building tape or isolation belt, or in case of safety hazards, it is also called notice tape, warning tape, warning tape, danger tape or danger tape. If the organization uses the tape, it will be referred to as a police tape, a firefighter tape, or a traffic control device tape.

Tape is usually wrapped and pasted as a visual warning sign and demarcation, for example, to prevent access to hazardous areas, such as industrial or commercial construction sites, road construction sites or accident sites or crime scenes (used to protect crime scenes), or to prevent abnormal operation of machinery or equipment.