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An aquarium (plural: aquarium or aquarium) is a feeding box of any size, at least one side of which has a transparent side for the preservation and display of aquatic plants or animals. Fish farmers use aquariums to raise fish, invertebrates, amphibians, turtles and other aquatic reptiles and aquatic plants. Created by British naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, the word "Aquarium" combines the Latin root Aqua (meaning water) with the suffix Arium, meaning "the place associated with it". The principle of aquarium was developed by chemist Robert Warrington in 1850. He explained that as long as the number of animals does not grow too large, the plants added to the container will release enough oxygen to support the animals. The aquarium boom was initiated by Gosse in early Victorian England. Gosse founded and raised the first public aquarium in London Zoo in 1853, and published the first manual Aquarium: the unveiling of deep sea wonders in 1854. It's a tank full of water in which fish swim. Small aquariums are kept at home by amateurs. Many cities have larger public aquariums. The aquarium is a building where fish and other aquatic animals are kept in a large water tank. Large aquariums may have otters, turtles, dolphins and other marine animals. Most aquariums also have plants.

Aquarium keepers own fish or keep an aquarium usually made of glass or high-strength acrylic. Cuboid aquarium is also known as fish tank or fish tank for short, while bowl aquarium is also known as fish tank. It can range in size from a small glass bowl with a capacity of less than a gallon to a huge public aquarium with thousands of gallons. Special equipment can maintain proper water quality and other characteristics suitable for aquarium residents.

Most aquariums are bonded by glass panel through 100% silicone sealant, and the upper and lower edges are decorated with plastic frames. The Standard Specification for a glass aquarium is about 1000 liters (260 US gallons; 220 US gallons) maximum. However, glass is brittle as a material and almost does not yield before it breaks, although sealants usually fail first. Aquarius has a variety of shapes, such as cuboid, hexagon, into a certain angle to fit an angle (L shape) and bow (front outward bending). Fish tanks are usually made of plastic or glass and are in a spherical or other circular shape.

Robert Warrington developed the first modern aquarium made of glass in the 19th century. In Victorian times, glass aquariums usually had slate or steel bottoms, which allowed them to be heated from below by an open flame source. The aquarium's glass panels are metal framed and sealed with putty. Metal framed aquariums were available until the mid-1960s, when modern silicone seals replaced them. The acrylic aquarium was first opened to the public in the 1970s. Sometimes laminated glass is used, which has the advantages of both glass and acrylic acid.

Over the years, glass aquarium has been a popular choice for many families and enthusiasts. Once the silicone sealant becomes strong enough to ensure a long-term watertight seal, the structural frame is no longer required. In addition to reducing costs, the glass aquarium is more scratch resistant than the acrylic aquarium. Although the price is one of the main considerations when deciding which of the two kinds of aquariums to buy, the price difference tends to disappear for large water tanks.