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A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, used as a surface on which to work, eat, or place food. Some common types of table are dining room tables for people who sit down. A coffee table, a low table used in the living room to place items or provide refreshments; a bedside table, used to place alarm clocks and lights. There are also a series of special types of tables, such as drawing tables and sewing tables for drawing architectural drawings.

The materials, shapes and heights of tables vary, depending on their source, style, intended use and cost. Many tables are made of wood or woodwork. Some are made of other materials, including metal and glass. Most tables consist of a flat surface and one or more supports (legs). A table with a single center foot is a pedestal table. Long tables usually have extra support legs.

The table top can be almost any shape, although rectangular, square, circular (such as round table) and oval tables are the most common. When other people stand or sit on a high stool, there is a high surface for personal use.