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A cradle, cradle, or cradle is a bed designed for babies from birth to four months. The cradle is usually designed to work with fixed feet or casters, while the cradle is usually designed to provide the ability to shake or slide. Baskets and cradles are different from Moses' baskets and cribs, which are designed to be placed directly on the floor or furniture. After four months, the baby is usually transferred to a crib (used in North America) or a crib (used in the UK). However, in the United States, bedside berths are a common choice because they are usually large and are recommended for up to six months and often for one year.

The cradle is usually a basket like structure on the independent legs, usually with casters. The bracket is usually set in a fixed frame, but has the ability to swing or slide.

From 1992 to 2006, the use rate of bassinet in the United States almost doubled to 20%. More than 45% of babies over two months use cradles. However, by 5-6 months, less than 10% of babies sleep in the cradle. In a hospital environment, NICU uses a special form of sealed cradle.

On many long-distance flights, most airlines provide cradles (attached to bulkheads) for adults travelling to infants (i.e. children under two years of age). The use of cribs is limited by the size and weight of the baby. These requirements need to be addressed to the airline in advance. However, most U.S. and Canadian Airlines adopt a cradle policy, which means they are allocated only at the airport gate.

Studies have shown that mattresses can affect the outcomes of small island developing States. A strong mattress reduces the risk of SIDS.

Some cradles are designed to swing or swing freely, and many caregivers find their children calm down. The process of putting a child to sleep may be accompanied by a prerecorded or live performance of a lullaby.

At three or four months of age, babies can turn themselves over; this means they can turn the cradle over, so for safety reasons, they must use a crib or crib.

Although there are many variants, they are usually divided into two categories:

In both cases, they are usually designed to allow a resting baby to be taken from one place to another. In families, when they bend over to raise their babies, they are usually raised on shelves or other surfaces to reduce back strain. It is common to convert a bassinet to a pram or stroller with a wheeled frame.