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Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner (also known as a sweeper or Hoover) is a device that uses an air pump (centrifugal fans are used in all models except some of the oldest), which creates a partial vacuum to absorb dust and dirt, usually from the floor, as well as other trimmings such as furniture and curtains.

The dust is collected by dust collecting bag or cyclone for later use. Household and industrial vacuum cleaners are available in various sizes and models - small battery powered hand-held devices, domestic wheeled cans, domestic central vacuum cleaners, and large movable fixed industrial devices. Dispose of hundreds of liters of dust before emptying and use self-propelled vacuum trucks to recover large amounts of spillage or remove contaminated soil. Special workshop vacuum cleaner can be used to absorb dust and liquid.

Although vacuum cleaners and vacuum are neutral names, Hoover has replaced common trademarks and verbs in some countries (UK, Ireland). The name comes from Hoover company, one of the earliest and most influential companies in the development of the device. The device is sometimes referred to as a sweeper, although the same term also refers to a carpet sweeper, which is a similar invention.