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Robot is a machine, especially a computer programmable machine, which can automatically perform a series of complex actions. The robot can be guided by an external control device or embedded in it. Robots can be shaped like humans, but most of them are machines designed to perform tasks regardless of their appearance.

Robots can be autonomous or semi autonomous, ranging from humanoid robots (such as Honda's innovative advanced step-by-step (ASIMO) and tosy's tosy table tennis competition robot (Topio)) to industrial robots, medical operation robots, patient assistance robots, dog therapy robots, programmed group robots, UAV drones, such as general atomics MQ-1 Predator, even micro nano robots. By imitating realistic appearance or automatically executing actions, robots can convey their wisdom or thoughts. Since the IOT is expected to surge in the next ten years, household robotics and autopilot will be the main driving force.

The technical field related to the design, construction, operation and application of robots and computer systems for control, sensory feedback and information processing is robot technology. These automated machines can be used instead of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or similar in appearance, behavior or cognition. Nowadays, many robots are inspired by nature, and have made contributions to the field of bioinspired robots. The robots have also created a new branch of robotics: soft robots.

Since ancient civilization, there have been many user configurable automation devices, even accounts similar to animal and human automata, mainly designed for entertainment. With the development of mechanical technology in the whole industrial era, there are more practical applications, such as automatic machine, remote control and wireless remote control.

The term comes from the Czech word robot, meaning "forced labor.". In the R.U.R. movie of 1920, the word "robot" was originally used to represent the fictional humanoid. By the Czech writer Karel? Apek), but the real inventor is Joseph apek, Carlyle's brother. With the advent of the first batch of electronic automatic robots created by William Gray Walter in Bristol, England, in 1948, and John T. Parsons and frank sturron in the late 1940s. George DeVol built the first commercial, digital and programmable robot in 1954 and named it unimate. It was sold to General Motors in 1961 at the inland Fisher pilot plant in West Trenton, Ewing, New Jersey, to lift molten iron from the die casting machine.

Robots have replaced humans to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks that humans are unwilling to do or unable to accomplish due to size constraints, or robots that occur in extreme environments such as outer space or the seabed. People pay more and more attention to the use of robots and their role in society. Robots are blamed for rising technology unemployment as they replace more and more functional workers. The use of robots in military combat has aroused moral concern. The novel has solved the possibility of robot autonomy and potential impact, and may become a reality in the future.