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Video camera

Cameras are cameras for electronic cinematography (as opposed to film cameras that record images on film), originally developed for the television industry but now common in other applications.

The earliest cameras were John Logie Baird's cameras based on mechanical Nipkow disks and were used in experimental broadcasts from 1918 to 1930's. By 1930, the Baird system had been replaced by all electronic designs based on video cameras, such as the iconoscope of Vladimir zuvorikin and the image dissector of Philo Farnsworth. Until the 1980s, cameras based on solid-state image sensors (for example, CCD (and later CMOS active pixel sensors) eliminated the common problems of electronic tube technology, such as image branding, and made the digital video workflow feasible. The transition to digital TV has promoted the development of digital cameras. By the 2010's, most of the cameras were digital cameras.

With the emergence of digital video capture, the difference between professional cameras and movie cameras has disappeared due to the same intermittent mechanism. Today, medium distance cameras, which are used exclusively for television and other work (except movies), are called professional cameras.

The camera is mainly used in two modes. The first is the early broadcast feature, which is live television, in which the camera feeds real-time images directly to the screen for immediate observation. A few cameras can still be used to produce live TV programs, but most live connections are used for security, military / tactical, and industrial operations that require secret or remote viewing. In the second mode, the image is recorded in a storage device for archiving or further processing. For many years, videotape has been the main format for this purpose, but it has gradually been replaced by CD, hard disk and flash memory. Recorded video is used for TV production, and more often for monitoring and monitoring tasks, in which unattended recording is required for later analysis.

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