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Kidney beans

Kidney bean is a kind of common bean. It is named for its shape and color similar to the vision of the kidney. Red kidney bean should not be confused with other red beans such as adzuki bean.

Red kidney bean is often used in chili sauce, which is an integral part of northern Indian cuisine. It is called Doura in northern India and used in dishes of the same name. Red kidney beans are used in many parts of New Orleans and southern Louisiana as classic Monday Creole red beans and rice. Smaller, darker red beans are also used, especially in Louisiana families with Caribbean heritage. The little kidney beans used by larioha in Spain are called capparones. In the Netherlands and Indonesia, kidney beans are often used as a soup called "brenebon.". In Levant, cabbage stew is usually combined with kidney bean stew, which is called fasoulia.

Kidney beans are usually made of dried beans and boiled until soft. The color of the whole cooked kidney bean is dark red. The kidney beans can be boiled and crushed into a dry paste to make the kidney bean paste.