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Leek is a kind of vegetable, which is a cultivated variety of leek in broad-leaved field. The edible part of a plant is a bunch of leaf sheaths, sometimes mistakenly called stems or stems. Allium also contains onions, garlic, shallots, shallots, chives and shallots.

In history, leeks have used many scientific names, but now they are regarded as a cultivated species of a.ampeloprasum. The name "leek" comes from the Old English word Leac. Three closely related vegetables, such as garlic, kurat and Persian leek or Tarim, are also cultivated in a. ampeloprasum, although they have different uses in food.

Instead of forming a tight bulb like an onion, leek produces a long, cylindrical bundle of leaf sheaths, which are usually whitened by pushing the soil around. They are usually sold as small seedlings and start at the end of the greenhouse, where the weather allows. Once leeks are established in the garden, they will be very cold resistant. Many varieties can be left underground in winter to harvest as needed.

Leek is easy to grow out of seeds and can stand in the field to extend the harvest time, up to six months from the beginning of harvest. The soil must be loose and well drained; leeks can be grown in the same areas where onions can grow. Leeks usually ripen in autumn. When the leek is about the size of a finger or pencil, it can be bunched and harvested early, or it can be thinned and grown to a larger mature size. Xiaoshan leek can produce better specimens.