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The real flies are di ptera insects, whose names are derived from the Greek Di = 2, and ptera = wings. This insect uses only one pair of wings to fly, and its hind wing is reduced to a rod-shaped balance organ, which is called. Diptera is a large order with an estimated 1000000 species, including horseflies, [a] crane flies, hoverflies, etc., although only about 125000 species have been described.

The fly's head is mobile and has a pair of large compound eyes, while the mouthpiece is designed for piercing and sucking (mosquitoes, black flies and robber flies), or for other people's licking. Their wing arrangement gives them excellent maneuverability in flight, and the claws and cushions on their feet enable them to cling to a smooth surface. Flies are metamorphosed completely; the eggs are laid on the food source of the larvae, while the larvae without real limbs grow in the protected environment, usually within their food source. Is is a hard pouch that is ready to come out of as an adult. Most flies have a short life span in adulthood.

Diptera is one of the main Insecta, which has important ecological and human significance. Flies are important pollinators, second only to bees and their Hymenoptera relatives. Flies may be one of the earliest pollinators responsible for the early pollination of plants. The fruit fly was used as a model organism in the study, but more innocuously, mosquitoes were vectors of malaria, dengue fever, West Nile fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and other infectious diseases, and houseflies transmitted foodborne diseases. Flies can be annoying, especially in some parts of the world, where they may be in large numbers, buzzing and settling on the skin or eyes to bite or look for fluids. Large flies such as tsetse flies and spirochetes cause significant economic damage to cattle. The low fly larva (known as the gentle larva) and other dipteran larva (often called) are used as food for bait and carnivores. They are also used in debridement to clean wounds.