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The vase is an open container. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as ceramics, glass, stainless metal, such as aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel. Even wood has been used to make vases by using naturally resistant tree species, such as teak, or by applying protective coatings to conventional wood. Vases are often decorated and used to hold cut flowers.

Vases usually have similar shapes. The foot or base may be spherical, flat, carinate [1], or other shape. The subject forms the main part of the work. Some vases have shoulders bent toward the body, necks tilted back, and a lip that opens out from the top. Some vases also have handles.

Vases of various styles and types have been developed around the world at different times, such as Chinese ceramics and American Indian Pottery. In ancient Greek pottery, "vase painting" is a traditional term covering the famous fine colored pottery, and there are many characters in Greek mythology. These pieces, regardless of their shape, can be called vases. In fact, most of them are used to hold or contain liquids. More naturally, many containers are called cups, water tanks, etc. In 2003, Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize for his ceramic work, usually in vase form.