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Clover or clover is the common name of Trifolium (in Latin, tres "three" + Folium "leaf"), which is composed of about 300 species of Fabaceae in pea family. This genus has worldwide distribution. The highest diversity occurs in the temperate northern hemisphere, but there are also many species in South America and Africa, including high-altitude areas in tropical mountains. They are annual, biennial or short-lived perennial herbs. Clover can be evergreen. The leaves are trifoliate (rarely quadrolate, pentapetal or heptacolate), stipules on petioles with stipules, heads or dense spikes of small red, purple, white or yellow flowers; the sepals contain small pods with few seeds. Other relatives, often called clovers, include Melilotus and Medicago.

Several clovers are widely used as forage plants. The most widely cultivated clover is white clover and red clover. Clover can be sown separately or mixed with ryegrass. It has been the main crop of silage for a long time. The reasons are as follows: clover grows freely and grows again after repeated pruning; it produces abundant crops; it is delicious and nutritious for livestock; it fixes nitrogen and reduces the demand for synthetic fertilizer; it grows in In all kinds of soil and climate, it is suitable for grazing and green composting.