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P or P is the 16th letter of modern English letters and ISO Basic Latin letters. Its English name is pee

In English orthography and most other European languages, ⟨ P ⟩ means sound / P /.

The most common directional note in English is ⟨ pH ⟩ which represents sound / F /, and can be used to translate ⟨ phi ⟩ from Greek to Chinese. In German, ⟨ PF ⟩ is a very common letter for labial / PF /.

Most English words that begin with ⟩ P ⟩ are of foreign origin, mainly French, Latin, Greek and Slavic; these languages retain the original Indo European initial * P. Since English is Germanic, it follows Green's law, so the native English words of these words usually begin with "oftenf". A native English word starting with / P / will reflect the original Indo European initial * B, which is rare, so its existence as a phoneme has aroused controversy.

However, native English words with non initial ⟨ P ⟩ are very common; such words can come from Kruger's law or from consonant cluster / SP / (PIE * P is retained after s).

In international phonetic alphabets, / P / is used for silent double lip sounds.