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The minus sign (-) has three main uses in Mathematics:

These three usages can be called "minus sign" in daily speech. In most English speaking countries, - 5 (for example) is usually pronounced "- 5", but in modern American usage it is sometimes pronounced "- 5". Here, the minus sign may have been used by speakers born before 1950, and it is still popular in some cases, but the minus sign is usually considered the only correct way to read. In addition, some textbooks in the United States encourage - x to be understood as "the opposite of X" or "the addition opposite of X", so as to avoid giving the impression that - x must be negative.

In some cases, different glyphs are used for these meanings. For example, in the expression languages used by the computer languages APL and Texas Instruments graphic calculators (at least one of the early models including ti-81 and TI-82 used the positive one), the negative sign uses the raised minus sign (as shown in 2-5) - 3), but this usage is not common.