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L is the 12th letter of modern English letters and ISO Basic Latin letters, used in lagoon, lantern and other words.

In speech and speech transcription, the international phonetic alphabet uses "L". Represents a lateral alveolar approximation.

In English spelling, "L" usually means phoneme / L /, which can have multiple sound values depending on the speaker's accent and whether it appears before or after a vowel. The alveoli lateral approximation (the sound represented by the lowercase letter [l] in IPA) occurs before the vowel, such as in the lip or mix, while the fibrosis alveoli lateral approximation (IPA [? ]) in Bell and milk. In many uses? In the European language of L, this modification did not take place. This also makes the "L" pronunciation a factor. Users who lack the "L" language are difficult or have different values, such as Japanese or some southern Chinese dialects. The medical condition or speech disorder that limits "L" pronunciation is called lambdacism.

In English spelling, "L" is usually silent when walking or when possible (although its existence can change the sound of the previous vowel), and it is usually silent in the palms and psalms; however, there are some regional differences.