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Solitaire is a kind of special treated thick paper, thin paper board, plastic coated paper, cotton paper mixture or thin plastic, which has obvious pattern marks and is used as a card game. Playing cards are usually palm sized for ease of operation and were first invented in China in the Tang Dynasty. [1]

A complete set of cards is called a pack (in British English), a suit (in American English) or a suit (in general), while a set of cards that players hold at one time in a game is usually called a first hand. A pack of cards can be used to play a variety of card games with different skills and opportunities, some of which are played for money (for example, poker and blackjack in casinos). Cards are also used for illusions, cards, building card structures, memory and memory movements.

Each card has markings on the front (or "face") that distinguish it from other cards in the pack and determine its use according to the rules of the game played. For all cards in any particular pack, the back of each card is the same to produce an imperfect information situation (that is, not all players always know the values of the cards). Usually each card will be smooth. However, some packages have Braille on them so that blind people can read card numbers and suits.

Dedicated deck games have settings that are only available for specific games. The cards described in this article can be used in many games and have a common origin from the standards set by Mamluk in Egypt. These sets divide their cards into four sets, each consisting of three face cards and numbered or "idea" cards.

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