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Flower design or flower arrangement is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create pleasant and balanced works. As early as in ancient Egyptian culture, we can find evidence of exquisite flower art. Professional flower design, arrangement or artwork combines elements of flower design: line, form, space, texture and color, as well as principles of flower design: balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony and unity.

There are many styles of flower design, including plant style, garden style, crescent brooch, nosegay brooch, pot Au Fleur, inverted "t", parallel system, western line, hedge design, Mille de Fleur and formal linear.

Eastern, Western and European styles have influenced today's commercial flower industry. Poolside flower is a Japanese flower design style, which combines heaven, humanity and earth. In contrast, European style emphasizes color and various plant materials in various flower gatherings, not limited to blooming flowers. The characteristics of western design in history are symmetry, asymmetry, horizontal and vertical arrangement.

In addition to flower arrangement, flower design also includes making wreaths, bouquets, garlands, colorings, brooches, brooches and bows.

Permanent creations and components that combine dried materials (such as bark, wood, dried flowers, dried (and usually fragrant) inflorescences, leaves, leaf skeletons, preserved materials and artifacts) are common extensions of artistic flower design, so they have a practical meaning that they can last indefinitely and are not affected by seasons. Their materials provide complementary and contrasting effects, idioms and associations with flowers and leaves.