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A clown is a comedian who usually uses a pantomime or similar type of comedy.

There are various traditions of clowns, and their costumes and performances are different. The most well-known modern clown is the Auguste or red clown type, whose eccentric costumes feature distinctive makeup, colored wigs, exaggerated footwear and colorful costumes. Their entertainment is usually aimed at entertaining a large audience, especially in the distance. [reference required]

The modern clown is closely related to the tradition of circus clown. The origin of circus clown is in theater or variety? Performed between the 19th and mid-20th centuries.

Many circus clowns are well known and are important circus performances. Joseph Grimaldi (who also created the traditional white face makeup design) played the first mainstream clown role. In the early 1800s, he expanded the role of clowns as part of British pantomime, especially at the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane and Sadler's wells and Covent gardens. His dominance on the London comic scene is so strong that clowns are known as "Joey," while nicknames and Grimaldi's white face make-up designs are still used by other types of clowns.

Comedies performed by clowns usually play the role of fools. Their daily behaviors and tasks become abnormal. For them, funny phenomena become common in a short time. This kind of comedy style has a long history in many countries and cultures in the world. Some writers believe that this comedy is part of human life because of its wide use and long history.

Circus Clowns' fear of clowns, especially as a mental illness, has been called Coulomb's phobia.

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Evil clown png PNG HD Quality,evil clown png PNG free download

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