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Bonfires are large but controlled outdoor bonfires that can be used informally to dispose of combustible waste or as part of celebrations.

In many parts of the continent, bonfires are traditionally held solemnly on January 16, John Baptist, and on Saturday night before Easter. Bonfires are also a feature of the night of wolpurgis in central and Northern Europe, as well as a celebration on the eve of St. John's day in Spain. In Finland, bonfires are a tradition of midsummer nights and Easter, as well as a celebration in May.

Bonfires are used on farms, large gardens and lots to deal with waste plant materials that are not easy to compost. This includes wood materials, harmful weeds, sick materials and materials treated with persistent pesticides and herbicides. Such bonfires may be small, but are usually designed to burn slowly for a few days to reduce wet and green materials to ashes by frequently centering unburned materials. This kind of bonfire can also deal with turf and other soil materials. Ash from garden fires is a useful source of potash and may be beneficial to improving the soil structure of some soils, although safety management must be emphasized. Bonfires in gardens and farms are often smoky, which can cause local nuisance if not properly managed or lit in inappropriate weather conditions.