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Mori is the tenth sign of the zodiac, which originated from mori. It crosses 270-300 degrees of the ecliptic, corresponding to the meridian of heaven. In the tropical zodiac, the sun travels from this region from December 21 to January 21 every year; in stellar birth, the sun travels in the orbit of the constellation Mori from January 16 to February 16. In astrology, Mori is regarded as the sign of the earth, minus sign, and one of the four basic signs. It's said that the constellation of moles is ruled by Saturn. In Vedic astrology, Mori is related to crocodiles or alligators, but modern astrologers believe that Mori is a sea goat. Its symbol is based on the primitive wisdom of Sumerians and Enki, the God of water. Its head and upper body are goats, lower body and tail of fish. Enki, later known as EA in the myth of Akkad and Babylon, is the God of wisdom, creation and craftsmanship. Magic; water, sea and lake (a, ABA, ab).