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Jet ski

Private water transport (PWC), also known as water motorcycle, water motorcycle and funny boatman, is a kind of leisure water transport tool. The rider can sit or stand on the ship instead of on the ship, just like on the ship. There are two types of PWC, the first and most popular being "sit down" or "sofa", in which the rider mainly uses the sat down vessel, and the vessel usually accommodates two or more people. The second way is to "stand," with the rider using the standing vessel. Standing races are designed for a rider and are used more in skills, racing and racing. Both models have a built-in engine to drive a jet engine with a helical impeller to generate thrust for propulsion and steering. Although there are four seat models, most are designed for two or three people.

Private vessels are usually referred to by the trade mark jet ski, waverunner or sea Doo.

Among other criteria, the U.S. Coast Guard defines a private vessel as a jet boat less than 13 feet (4 m) in length to exclude more jet boats of regular size from the definition. There are various "jet boats" that are more than 30 – 40 feet (9 – 12 m) long.