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Bottle opener

A bottle opener is a device that can remove a metal cap from a bottle. More generally, it may be considered to include a bottle opener for removing corks or plastic stoppers from wine bottles.

The metal cap is fixed on the edge of the bottle neck by pleating or folding around the edge. The bottle opener is a special lever, which is inserted under the pleated metal products and uses a point on the bottle cap as the pivot.

This bottle opener has several different designs. Wall mounted bottle openers are usually found in the back of the bar, while manual bottle openers are often found and used in the home environment. The functional elements of the bottle opener (the method of using teeth or lips to block the bottom of the bottle cap, and applying force through the fulcrum to remove the bottle cap, usually the lever with mechanical advantages) tend to be consistent (sometimes the lever is the bottle itself), its aesthetic design has many kinds, and there are many types of decoration to choose from.

The following kinds of bottle openers are used worldwide with professional ability.