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Carnival mask

Masks are objects that are usually worn on the face, usually for protection, camouflage, performance or entertainment. Since ancient times, masks have been used for ceremonial and practical purposes. They are usually worn on the face, although they may also be placed on other parts of the body to have an effect. In parts of Australia, huge totem masks cover the body, while Inuit women use finger masks for storytelling and dancing.

Masks are used throughout Europe and are often integrated into local celebrations and customs. The old masks have been preserved and can be seen in museums and other collections, and the historical origins of masks have been studied. It is most likely to represent the spirit of nature, so many related customs are seasonal. The original meaning will remain until the introduction of Christianity, and then many customs will be incorporated into their own traditions. In the process, their meanings also changed. For example, the ancient gods and goddesses were demonized and regarded as the devil next to Abraham.

Many of the masks and characters used in European festivals fall into the category of "good" or "idealized beauty" in contrast to "ugly" or "beast" and grotesque backgrounds. This is especially true in Germanic and central European festivals. Another common type is the combination of the two distinct types of "handsome" and "ugly".